Prefrontal Cortex and Evolution

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Thanks so much for your response -- I would have done the same

Zach N.

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> I refuse to include the text of this message in my reply because
> I believe it to be offensive and racist.  I do not know how else to
> interpret a message that claims that "The main difference
> between a human brain and that of other animals is the prefrontal
> cortex. Most mammals have little or no prefrontal cortex." and then
>  two sentences later "It has been said that the prefrontal cortex is
> what makes us "human" only to follow a few sentences later with
> "The largest difference between Caucasian and Negroid brains
> is that Caucasians have a much larger and better developed
> prefrontal cortex."  The clear assumption intended from this is
> that "Negroids" (whatever that may mean) are not really human or,
> perhaps, a type of human but clearly "lower" than "Caucasians"
> (whatever that may mean).
> I, a rapidly aging white male, am one of the "Liberals [who] make
> the false claim that there is no correlation between intelligence
> or behavior and the size or condition of the brain. "
> There is so much wrong with this posting it is hard to know where
> to begin.   It certainly won't be enough simply to repeat that there
> is no such thing as a biological "race" in the human population,
> that what we call the african- asian- or european- groups of peoples
> differ more within groups that between groups.  It may be clear that
> humans differ from other mammals, but I dispute your argument about
> "Negroid" brains as well as your claims about the relation between
> brain condition and "intelligence".  There certainly is some relation
> but the acquired, learned, cultural aspects of intelligence are so
> predominant as to virtually blot out any biological aspect.
> I also believe that it is not enough to simply ignore or overlook
> racist propaganda.  It must be vigorously denied and opposed.

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