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> you see?
> every ionic-conductance is a vector.
> and the only 'coding' stuff that it's possible to describe consists in
> describing the ionic-conductance vectors in 3-D.
> because that's the substrate for all activation-dependent stuff... all
> microscopic trophic modifications. [in AoK, 'biological mass'.]
> it doesn't do to 'average' vectors, because, in doing so, one 'throws-out'
> the impetus in which microscopic structure derives.
> in other words, in taking 'averages', one 'throws-out' all 'coding'.
> the same is True for 'timing'.
> one 'throws-out' all 'coding' if one does not describe the 3-D correlations
> of the criteria that are 'timed'.
> A -> B is different from B -> A, and simply stating a 'time' that's related
> to A and B doesn't maintain that difference.
> to maintain the difference, the discussion must integrate the 3-D neural
> architecture.
> within 'the nervous system', 'coding' is a 3-D thing.
> sans 3-D there's no possibility of describing [or discussing] 'coding.
> i wish not to be a 'curmudgeon' , and i hope you'll not be 'offended' that
> i've responded to your post.
> my responses are actually 'addressed' to all of Neuroscience [all of
> Science].
> it's just so frustrating that no one will allow me to discuss this stuff
> [and the rest] at a chalkboard, where it merits discussion.
> i'm Grateful for the opportunity to discuss because of your post.

I do understand, when i was doing some research on my own i read an
article with regards to interaural time delays in barn owls, basically is
discovered a place type coding, in which multiple neurons were
responsible.  I 

I appreciate all the replies and feel i have a much better understanding
of it now, the rate and time codes are important it would seem, however,
without the 3D, there is simply insufficient information, no matter how
many action potentials are fired.  

Thanks to all.

I don't want this anger burning in me

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