Does Inteligence require conciousness?

Colm Kennedy colmk at eircom.net
Sat Oct 28 17:55:16 EST 2000

Apart from adding a new word to the language what has this post achieved.
Are the systems developed in universities at tax payers expense (if anyone
bothers anymore and is not too busy theorising) subjected to any sort of
objective assessment. No.  Even the basic aspect of science, independent
confirmation in another institution is rarely done. These are still early
days and we are guided largely by intuition.
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> simonh_hibbs at my-deja.com wrote:
> > I had a look through the web site. There were a lot of
> > words there, but I'm afraid I couldn't make sense of much
> > of it. It was all ver stream-of-conciousness (funily enough).
> Yes, Murray is a well-known crank, and Mentifex is well-known
> crankosity.
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