Does Inteligence require conciousness?

Raphael Jolly raphael.jolly at free.fr
Tue Oct 31 16:51:12 EST 2000

mejqb at my-deja.com wrote:
> [...]
> That may well be, but such ad hominem poisoning of the well
> is not a good tool for rational thought.  For instance, Murray
> wrote in this thread:
>  IMHO intelligence does not so much *require* consciousness
>  as inescapably give rise to, or *cause* consciousness as
>  a natural by-product of knowledge about self and the world:

I think this is the great mistake of the present a.i. paradigm. I think
consciousness has more to do with matter itself than with it's
organization. In my view *intelligence* is a by-product of
consciousness, it is not required to it. Intelligence would be some kind
of entropy decrease in complex systems, whereas consciousness would only
be some kind of impredictibility, "free will", thus affordable even at
the simplest levels of organization.

> That claim is less crankish than a lot else written here,
> and if we want to find crankishness in people, we surely can.
> In fact, all the interesting people I know are a bit of a crank
> about *something*.


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