Brain Stimulator??

Liar42 liar42 at aol.com
Sat Aug 11 06:55:26 EST 2001

> Do you think that these devices could be dangerous?<

It is not natural for the brain and I cannot estimate how dangerous it is.

I would assume them to be disturbing natural balances but how far damage can go
I do not know.

Basically question number one I'd have is if cancer could be caused by such,
brain tumours?

Simplified in LSD magic if linking with another acidhead there might be links
of energies to the sector, and the ability to shunt between various sectors at
will, and the energy sensitivities there need to be good enough to not cause
the other damages, as he then might go to the floor and not feel that well, if
one messed up there, so it are very fine magic tunings and supervisions that
are needed for that.

The idea of passing the current of an electric device through the brain in
comparison sounds alike taking a hammer to hit an arm a bit with that to
provide attention stimulation and declare that as a real good remedy to prevent
drifting off.

The question might be less if it has some effects but how good something so
unnatural is.

Apart from that if persons are living an unhealthy life style and then have
sleeping problems, 
or if someone who for example has no partner, few or no good friends, and has a
long time not been in natural nature, 
then does not feel well,
the solution might be hardly regarded in messing around with artificially
generated energies in brain systems.

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