Neural Representations of Trajectories

Liar42 liar42 at aol.com
Sat Aug 11 08:00:55 EST 2001

With various stuff that is directly perceived I never got the craze of Westie
science for "representation'.

As if there were some sort of internal representative representing some company
trying to sell some product.

If stuff is there it is there.

I mean, some stuff is like perceiving aspects of another person, it does not
take loads of representations, the other IS existing.

Also this crase for neural stuff I never got, as if the entire brain was
nothing but neurons.

I have come to regard such as a neurology craze and similar to a religious

Sort of similar to how sense censored branches tend to ignore spirit data,
and rather lag thousands of years back behind magic in understandings there.

It seems with various people a rather deliberate choice, not that there was
simply no way they could have ever gotten at more informations about various

Also you did not say if talking about seeing or "seeing", as if it made no

But I guess as Carlos Castaneda books could have been gotten over ten years ago
in the next book shop probably,
it is not like some people just never could get at some understanding (in spite
of all the errors he makes) but that they selected not to get at it.

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