help:persistent dizziness

Matteo Pelati matteo at dolce.it
Wed Aug 22 16:26:38 EST 2001

I'm a 24 yrs old boy from Italy. I'm coping with this for almost 4 months
but I didn't find any doctor able to solve my problem.

One night (end of april) I drunk an alcoholic drink. At the end of the
evening I experienced some dizziness but I didn't pay attention to it
since, not being used to drink alcool I considered it preatty normal.
I started worrying when the dizziness was not going away after about a week,
so I visited my doctor who suggested me to take some tests and sent me to a
neurologist since the fact was preatty strange and my blood pressure was
okay. The neurological visit was okay, but, just for precautions, he asked
me to have an MRI that turned out to be negative. During that period (end of
may) the dizziness disappered for about 15 days and I was feeling
perfectly okay.
After those days I woke up one morning with the same feeling. I
decided to visit an ear doctor, but he also didn't find any problem. After
that my doctor suggested the problem could be related to cervical problems
(since I spend a lot of time in front of the computer). So i started doing
some phsiotheraphy with no change. I had treatments for  more than a month
without a minimal change. I still have my dizziness.
I also took a blood tests that were ok and a cervical radiography that was
okay as well. At this point I wondered if this dizziness (very light...I'm
able to walk, run, but it's hard to concentrate or use the computer for
example... I'd define it more like lightheadness) could really be related
to that drink (taken almost  4 months ago) or that was just a coincidence.
I also tried with natural medicine with very little benefits, but dizziness
is still

About my dizziness I noticed it changes during different hours of the day.
Sometimes it's sronger, sometimes it's lighter. The feeling is more
with a sensation of nausea, and I don't have vertingo (the room is not
and Right now the dizzy feeling  is not present in the morning when I wake
and tends to appear in the afternoon. I also noticed the dizziness
disapperas if
I sit down or lie on the bed for some minutes.

If anybody could give e some suggestions about tests to do, medication I
or possible causes of my dizziness I will be very grateful!

Matteo Pelati

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