Brain lesion?

Robert A. Fink, M. D. rafink at attglobal.net
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rajb at inwind.it (Paolo Rajba) wrote:

>Until a few years ago I used to suffer from very strong depression and
>anxiety. I was also an alcoholic and going through very serious problems
>concerning my relations with other people. Then all of a sudden it 
>changed. I stopped drinking, became much more relaxed and started 
>enjoying the company of others. Now I'm probably the most stable person
>I know, and on the face there seem to be no problems. Often other people
>come to me asking me to help them sort out their own problems, because
>it seems to them I'm so stable and helpful. This is all very nice... 
>I have recently started to think that there may have been a brain 
>lesion behind this change. A few weeks before the change I hit my head
>kind of hard, on the top towards the front. Now I have read that some
>patients with frontal lobes lesions start losing their inhibitions and
>often display a "don't care" attitude. Nowadays I often find it hard to 
>attach any real importance to things. Is it because I feel that 
>whatever happens, things will not be as bad as they were before, or is
>it because I suffered a frontal lobe lesion? I have also become much
>more disinhibited with other people. I used to be very shy, now I often
>say things which shock people, even strangers, and I just think it's 
>funny. I don't like drinking alcohol any more, before it used to be a
>I also find it harder to put different concepts together into a single
>"whole" when I'm thinking.  
>What do you think?


The only way to be sure is to see a neurologist and perhaps get a scan
of some sort.  Your description of the personality changes are not
characteristifc of a frontal lobe lesion, but any sudden personality
change is worthy of evaluation.



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