Brain lesion?

Steve Harris sbharris at ix.RETICULATEDOBJECTcom.com
Tue Dec 11 22:35:50 EST 2001

> Steve: The doctor's advice posted earlier is good advice. I doubt
> there was a lesion per se as those tend not to regress spontaneously
> as yours seems to have. However, those symptoms you mention are
> somewhat characteristic of depression, which _can_ enter remission
> spontaneously. HTH.

All symptoms can be symptoms of depression, and yes (therefore) can enter
remission spontaneously.  Also, all symptoms can be symptoms of
post-traumatic stress disorder, and these too can enter remission
spontaneously.  Also, any symptom can actually be due to chronic anxiety and
can enter remission spontaneously. There, now. Are we any smarter after
having paid lip service to these three catch-all diagnoses?

Get an MRI to rule out tumor. Then, see a shrink. Or see your priest,
bishop, pastor, rabbi, minister, whatever. Or see a movie. Or go shopping.
Or buy a self-help book. Or post to a newsgroup. Talk to a friend. Get a
massage. Take a vitamin pill. Try the hot tub or sauna. See a herbalist. Get
an acupuncture needle in the ear. Start a new hobby. Start a daily exercise
routine. Find somebody in trouble and see what you can do to help them, and
get your mind off yourself.

I can go on like this a long time. Whatever floats your boat.


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> > Anxious people can certainly be anxious about brain tumors. Get an MRI
> > stop worrying. See Woody Allen's _Hannah and her Sisters_ three times.
> Well, how rude. What, were you raised in a jungle?

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