Brain lesion?

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"Carey Gregory" <antispam8 at attbi.com> wrote in message
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> "Steve Harris" <sbharris at ix.RETICULATEDOBJECTcom.com> wrote:
> >Get an MRI to rule out tumor. Then, see a shrink. Or see your priest,
> >bishop, pastor, rabbi, minister, whatever. Or see a movie. Or go
> >Or buy a self-help book. Or post to a newsgroup. Talk to a friend. Get a
> >massage. Take a vitamin pill. Try the hot tub or sauna. See a herbalist.
> >an acupuncture needle in the ear. Start a new hobby. Start a daily
> >routine. Find somebody in trouble and see what you can do to help them,
> >get your mind off yourself.
> >
> >I can go on like this a long time. Whatever floats your boat.
> You stopped too soon, and you left out:
> reading your posts.

Why thanks. If they're less irritating and less expensive than getting an
acupuncture needle in the ear, that's something at least.

Steve Harris
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