Knowledge Base Or Bust

Arthur T. Murray uj797 at victoria.tc.ca
Sun Dec 16 14:24:18 EST 2001

Michael L. Gassanenko <m_l_g3 at yahoo.com> wrote on Sun.16.DEC.2001:

> Would you write it so as it could be executed with Netscape
> or Opera?

> "Arthur T. Murray" wrote:
>> Today after a hiatus of two and a half months we resume coding
>> http://mind.sourceforge.net/index.html the AI Mind in JavaScript.
> [...]
Although I have failed to achieve cross-browser compatibility, a
fellow programmer new to AI has e-mailed me about his success in
"normalizing the DOM" (Document Object Model) of the MSIE AI such
that it now works in NS 4.08, and he plans to open an AI website.

However, since you are a Forth programmer, please be advised that
the JavaScript AI currently running only in MS Internet Explorer
will eventually be back-ported into a Win32Forth version such as
http://www.scn.org/~mentifex/mind4th.html -- Mind.Forth Robot AI.

Around 3 April 2000 an earlier Mind.Forth version was ported into
http://www.virtualentity.com/mind/vb/ -- Mind.VB in Visual Vasic.

In June of 2001 a version of the JavaScript Mind was ported into
http://www.angelfire.com/nf/vision/ai/mjava.html -- Mind.JAVA AI.

Whoever implements the AI Mind ought probably to either identify
the version being ported or even to "capture" the entire version
and host it alongside the new AI Mind as an HTML reference file.

Then the AI coder may document that this new AI is "port release
number such-and-such based on JSAI or Mind.Forth such-and-such."

If an ambitious AI coder moves beyond any plodding Mentifex Mind
and incorporates so many new features that there is no longer a
feature-by-feature correspondence with the JSAI or Mind.Forth,
then there need no longer be any further attempts to maintain
compatibilty or parity with the Mentifex original, and the coder
is free to take AI to new heights along a path of good diversity.

We are not trying to create an everywhere-the-same Linux OS here,
but rather we desperately need as many different competing paths
of vibrant AI evolution as possible and also as soon as possible.

Arthur T. Murray, http://www.scn.org/~mentifex/
http://ai.createastandard.com Standards in Artificial Intelligence
http://www.nanomagazine.com/nanomagazine/01_10_24 - October 2001
http://www.frontiernet.net/~wcowart/murray_article "Building AI"

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