"Near Proof for Near-Death?"

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On Mon, 17 Dec 2001 20:43:59 GMT, igoddard at erols.mom (Ian Goddard) wrote:

>Medical explanations cannot account for near death experiences (NDEs),
>according to the results of the biggest prospective study to date of
>patients who were resuscitated after clinical death. 


>But the team found no link between NDEs and drugs used to treat the
>patients, the duration of cardiac arrest or unconsciousness, or the
>patients' reports of the degree to which they feared death before the

So that is the complete list of medical explanations?  Somehow I think not.  I
also rather expect the research team didn't say "NO MEDICAL EXPLANATION".

>And most showed significant
>psychological changes, the team reports. The 23 NDE patients who were
>still alive eight years later "had become more emotionally vulnerable
>and empathic", they write.

Sounds a lot like hypoxia.

>Van Lommel's team report anecdotal stories of patients recalling
>events that happened around them during out of body experiences while
>they were clinically dead. These experiences "push at the limit of
>medical ideas about the range of human consciousness and the
>mind/brain relationship," Van Lommel says.

This presumes the experiences weren't merely fantasies.  Without an accurate
recording of what *was* going on at the time, it's impossible to relate such
stories to reality.

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