"Near Proof for Near-Death?"

Ian Goddard igoddard at erols.mom
Mon Dec 17 21:30:42 EST 2001

On Mon, 17 Dec 2001, Kevin D. Quitt <Kevin at Quitt.net> wrote:

>So that is the complete list of medical explanations?  Somehow I think not.  I
>also rather expect the research team didn't say "NO MEDICAL EXPLANATION".

  IAN: It does seem the headline is quoting someone. 
  The Washington Post article quoted Bruce Greyson, a 
  professor of psychiatry at the University of Virginia,
  saying: "Brain chemistry does not explain these phenomena 
  ... I don't know what the explanation is, but our current
  understanding of brain chemistry falls short." Close.

  The Post article states: "Most patients had excellent 
  recall of the events, he added, which undermined the 
  theory that the memories were false." Well, if that 
  which is remembered occurred when the brain was not 
  functioning, how did the experience become encoded 
  in the brain? The easier explanation seems be that
  the fact that the recall of the experience exists 
  in the brain means the experience was in the brain.


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