Claude Bernard and the Chakras?

Count Artby Count_Artblay at hotmail.com
Sun Dec 23 21:55:35 EST 2001

n Sun, 23 Dec 2001 23:35:23 GMT, howard.olson at juno.com wrote:

>Does anyone know if the French Physiologist Claude Bernard (from Lyon), who
>lived on Mauritius 150-200 years ago, became familiar with the Chakras during
>his stay or any time later? I would appreciate any non-flame reply...
>H R Olson,MA PhD
>Medical Dept. 
>Silicon Valley College

The very best you can do is to write a handwritten letter to the
faculty of Fysionomy and Psychology at the mentor of the University.
i guess you can get the adress on french pages, Lycos, Yahoo...
non-flame replies are quite rare in alt.*****, 
newsgrouped posters don't have much knowledge to share, 
they usually don't have any knowledge at all.
(too much tickling on the keyboard like me here)
How could you educate yourself. In a Newsgroup ? never
those people are screen freaksand use a 
NG for instinctive, basical communication 
an unavailable option in their real life 
Newsgrouping, posting, flaming, whatever is certainly not a tool
for exchanging usefull data (with some exeptions)
so they fight like grouped wild men in taverns...

sincerely yours,

Christophe Allman
I advise you to consult either web-pages (they don't really flame but
might java blink)
or get good books on the subject
please do not reply; 
the author of this posting
may never come back
this a demo-service offered by me
on my PC

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