Developmental neurobiology and pain

Célia Cruz celiacruz at netc.pt
Tue Jan 2 16:21:39 EST 2001

Hi everyone!

I'm a Ph.D student from Portugal. I am interested in nociception and also in
developmental biology. I am looking for information on how these two fields
come together. When does nociception begin during embriogenesis and fetal
life? Why is it necessary before birth? If a fetus is so protected from
harmful stimuli, how can the organism assure that nociceptive systems are
functioning properly? How different is nociception during fetal
developmental and infancy from nociception during adulhood?

I woul appreciate it a lot if anyonce can direct me to the hot questions in
the field or someone working in this area. Is there any special place where
I can look for more information?

Thanks in advance!!!
Célia Cruz

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