question about amphetamine and cocaine

Shamim Khaliq shamim at khaliq.intensive.co.uk
Mon Jan 8 05:18:33 EST 2001

My lecturer said, "Cocaine decreased the frequency administered for the rate
free method where rats press a bar for different ICSS frequencies. With
cocaine they don't bar press for electricity as much, therefore indicating
the rewarding properties as cocaine substituted for ICSS."

My textbook says, "the set-reset technique reduces current frequency or
intensity after say 5 presses. At any time the subject may press another
lever to reset the current to its original value. Amphetamine decreases the
reset threshold, implying an increase in the rewarding value of the
stimulation. Another paradigm is curve shifting. Holding either current or
frequency constant and increasing the other increases lever pressing up to
some limit. Amphetamine shifts the curve to the left, i.e. they press more
for a given value"

Do these sources contradict? Or have I understood it wrong?

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