Call for Submissions to "Subtle Technologies 2001"

Jim Ruxton cinetron at passport.ca
Mon Jan 8 22:21:31 EST 2001

Call for Submissions to "Subtle Technologies 2001"

Subtle Technologies Conference
May 17,18,19,20
Toronto, Ont.

We are currently inviting speakers to present at the fourth annual
Technologies Conference in Toronto.

The Subtle Technologies Conference is an opportunity for scientists and
artists to come together and share each others language in those areas
which are still searching for definitions, explanations and meaning.
This conference blurs the boundaries between art and science. We are
looking for speakers  to provide a global perspective on the exploration

of subtle phenomena and its representations. Approaches that go beyond
mainstream theories and would be considered controversial are welcome.
The conference also has a mandate to explore forgotten or lost
technologies. Some of the topics which we are interested in having
represented by scientists
and artists include but are not limited to: consciousness research,
physics including quantum computing and other unconventional computing
technologies, holographic modeling, mathematical explorations including
 neural networks and fuzzy systems, biomagnetics, alternative energy
systems, chaos theory, genetics,  sonic explorations, alternative
healing modalities, bioenergy,  pharmacology, theories of cosmology,
 neurobiology,  sensing systems and devices, cybernetics and artificial

   It is our goal to have a varied program to provide a forum for the
cross pollination of ideas. Presentations will be 50
minutes long including questions. An honorarium will be offered to
all speakers. Since the audience will be from diverse backgrounds the
presentation should be accessible to a general audience. Please send a
one page abstract of the topic you would like to present to the
co-ordinates listed
below. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. If you know
any one
who would be interested in speaking, please pass this invitation along
to them.  The
deadline for submissions is February 15 2001. The Subtle Technologies
is sponsored by InterAccess Media Arts Centre and Science for Peace.

Contact Co-ordinates
Jim Ruxton
Home   (416)535-4405
Work  (416)927-7679
Email  cinetron at passport.ca
Address  258 Salem Avenue
Toronto, On M6H 3C7

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