The Blood Group problem!!!!

½¹½ºÂù­¸ yfshun2 at pd.jaring.my
Sat Jan 13 21:49:45 EST 2001

Hi! Everybody!
            I have a question here which really confuse me. May I ask, If a
couple with blood group 'AB' and 'B', is that possible that they will give
birth to a baby with bllod group 'O' ???? In this world, will this happen ??
Or may be already happened ??? I a bit confuse coz during my school time,
the lecturer told me that people with blood group "AB" and "B" will only
give birth to baby with blood group "AB", "A" and "B". So, under what
circumstances that a baby with blood group "O" will be born beside having
parents with blood group "O" ????
            I hope someone with this kind of knowledge can advice me on this
problem. Thank you very much !

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