The Blood Group problem!!!!

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> Hi! Everybody!
>             I have a question here which really confuse me. May I ask, If
> couple with blood group 'AB' and 'B', is that possible that they will give
> birth to a baby with bllod group 'O' ???? In this world, will this happen
> Or may be already happened ??? I a bit confuse coz during my school time,
> the lecturer told me that people with blood group "AB" and "B" will only
> give birth to baby with blood group "AB", "A" and "B". So, under what
> circumstances that a baby with blood group "O" will be born beside having
> parents with blood group "O" ????
>             I hope someone with this kind of knowledge can advice me on
> problem. Thank you very much !
This is an intro biology question, really somewhat off topic for
a neuroscience news group.

But, anyway, a person with blood type AB will carry one 'IA' allele
and one 'IB' allele.  A person with blood type A will carry one 'IA'
allele and either a second 'IA' allele or a 'i' allele.

In the first case, the children will be either A or AB. In the second
case the children will be either A or B.

If you don't understand that, then you had better review the notion
of a monohybrid cross, of genotype and phenotype!

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