where's the best place to put testosterone if you want a rat to mount?

MS marshmallow5 at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 15 09:04:29 EST 2001

Yep the medial preoptic area is in the anterior hypothalamus.  There's
several areas of the brain that regulate mounting in rats and are androgen
sensitive, like the medial amygdala too.  My suspicion is that regardless of
where the capsule is placed, the testosterone will quickly distribute to
other areas of the brain over a short period of time.


Shamim Khaliq <shamimkhaliq at hotmail.com> wrote in message
news:3a6071cd$1_2 at news.intensive.net...
> say you had a foetally androgenised rat and you wanted it to mount.
> the best place to stick a capsule of androgen? the preoptic area of the
> hypothalamus? or the anterior hypothalamus? (or is the preoptic area in
> anterior hypothalamus?)

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