where's the best place to put testosterone if you want a rat to mount?

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Mon Jan 15 13:57:28 EST 2001

on Mon, 15 Jan 2001 14:04:29 GMT MS (marshmallow5 at yahoo.com) utilized the mandibles to disperse:
# Yep the medial preoptic area is in the anterior hypothalamus.  There's
# several areas of the brain that regulate mounting in rats and are androgen
# sensitive, like the medial amygdala too.  My suspicion is that regardless of
# where the capsule is placed, the testosterone will quickly distribute to
# other areas of the brain over a short period of time.

You would place the capsule in the preoptic area of the anteior 
hypothalamus. As for the latter suspicion, using the propper capsules 
actually will deliver a pretty discreet spatial aplication of T. There are 
studies using dyes that measure the extent of dispersion from implant 
site. Also, there is a plethora of literature detailing the localized 
implant of T and effects on sex behavior, showing regional specificity. 
For the original poster, I would review the primary literature to 
determine where to place the implants. Pretty much any of the studies by 
BJ Everitt would be a good place to start (see Neuroscience and 
Biobehavioral Reviews 14: 217-23 for a review)

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# Marcello

# Shamim Khaliq <shamimkhaliq at hotmail.com> wrote in message
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# > say you had a foetally androgenised rat and you wanted it to mount.
# where's
# > the best place to stick a capsule of androgen? the preoptic area of the
# > hypothalamus? or the anterior hypothalamus? (or is the preoptic area in
# the
# > anterior hypothalamus?)

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