Hemispheric control....

JoshCahoon joshcahoon at cs.com
Tue Jan 16 19:57:34 EST 2001

>From: "Andrew T. Austin" slightlynervous at NOSPAMbtinternet.com 
>Date: 1/16/01 3:52 PM Pacific Standard Time
>Message-id: <942lop$5j14 at eccws12.dearborn.ford.com>
>This might be a silly question, but can anyone tell me what the advantage of
>having contra-lateral control is?
>What benefit IS there by having the left hemisphere controlling the right
>side and vice versa?
>Thanks in advance,
>Andrew "clicking his amygdala" Austin.
I'm no expert, but my impression is that the consensus is that there is no
advantage whatsoever to this organization--that it is just an evolutionary
happenstance. I have trouble seeing how it could be advantageous.

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