skin cancer and headaches

ouch ouch at noemail.com
Mon Jan 22 14:47:01 EST 2001

Hi, I've recently discovered I have skin cancer on my nose.  Well, the
biopsy is not back yet but the dermatologist said it was probably basal or
squamous cell cancer.  He said the risk of the cancer spreading to other
parts of the body with these cancers is low.  Here's the thing:  I've also
been having headaches every day for the past 4 months. I've never really had
a problem with headaches before so I'm kind of concerned.

Does anyone have any experience with skin cancer causing headaches?  Is it
just the proximity to my brain of the cancer site? I've heard of people
getting an infection on their nose and it causing an abscess in the brain or
meningitis.  Could this happen with cancer?  It was an open sore for many

The headaches seem to have gotten worse since the biopsy.  In fact, when I
put antibiotics on the site of the biopsy, it sends a shooting pain into my
brain. I have a referral for a neurologist but I can't get an appointment
before five weeks and I'm kind of starting to panic.  Any info or advice
would be appreciated.

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