skin cancer and headaches

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Tue Jan 23 03:11:30 EST 2001

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> Hi, I've recently discovered I have skin cancer on my nose.  Well, the
> biopsy is not back yet but the dermatologist said it was probably basal or
> squamous cell cancer.  He said the risk of the cancer spreading to other
> parts of the body with these cancers is low.  Here's the thing:  I've also
> been having headaches every day for the past 4 months. I've never really
> a problem with headaches before so I'm kind of concerned.
> Does anyone have any experience with skin cancer causing headaches?  Is it
> just the proximity to my brain of the cancer site? I've heard of people
> getting an infection on their nose and it causing an abscess in the brain
> meningitis.  Could this happen with cancer?  It was an open sore for many
> months.
> The headaches seem to have gotten worse since the biopsy.  In fact, when I
> put antibiotics on the site of the biopsy, it sends a shooting pain into
> brain. I have a referral for a neurologist but I can't get an appointment
> before five weeks and I'm kind of starting to panic.  Any info or advice
> would be appreciated.

A small BCC or SCC on the nose could not possibly be related to your

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