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> > >Hi to all,
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> > >On Internet, I find  article where is scientists, which
> investigate "near
> > >death expirience",say they have found evidence to suggest that
> consciousness
> > >can continue to exist after the brain has ceased to function.
> >
> > Science studies matter.  The brain is organic,  consciousness is
> another
> > matter.  (no pun intended)  It's simple enough.  If consciousness
> exists
> > outside of the body/brain,  then of course it can continue after the
> physical
> > death of the body.
> >
>    What if Dawkin's "Memes" could be transferred between individuals
> in some cohesive fashion so that we somehow existed in the brains of
> others at least until all humans are extinct? I am not necessarily
> talking about Psi. But I would not rule that completely out....

Most people including scientists already know for a fact that the
brain is indeed organic. However the claim that these NDEs are caused
by hallucinations of a dying brain are merrily speculation and so far
I have yet to see any hard unambiguous evidence in support of that.
People who accept the likely existence of a paranormal afterlife have
the understanding that though the brain in the stage when an NDE is
usually experienced is still working, it is not necessarily working 
effectively. People who are extreme meditaters already know that once
they go deeper then REM there is actually a decreased chance of having
such hallucinations as the brain cannot be fully aware of them.

There is a paranormal art similar to meditation which is known as 
"Astral Projection" which people train to enter themselves into a 
severe trancelike state which drops their brain wave levels well
below the common levels associated with REM sleep. So the question is
of course, with such little brain activity when compared to the 
much more active (REM SLEEP when there is even eye movement), can 
people be simply hallucinating these things? When you enter this 
stage which is far below the dream state you even lack the ability 
to breath and resporate properly and your pupils begin to dilate. 
This is *NOT* the same thing as REM SLEEP. This is how serious this 
issue is. 

Those who claim that these are simply hallucinations created by the 
brain at this point are only speculating regardless to the fact that 
measurements of brain activity during these NDEs and OBEs do not 
reflect their theories and claims when compared with those brain
activity measurements taken when one undergoes the typical stages
of REM sleep. 

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