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> >Hello Chief. Are you really a Chief? Where I live there's lots of Sioux
> >and Cree. As a matter of fact, Cree as a second language is a good idea
> >around here.
> (schnipp)
> First: where can I learn Cree?

Well, it's offered as a course through the University of Regina, on the
Saskatchewan Cable Network. I manage the college cable site, and it
always comes on before the classes I have to set up.

It's a beautiful language to listen to, very musical, with few glottals.

> Second: Do you know why Worf is already a figure in Star Trek but
> Sapir is not?

I'm not sure who Sapir is...I'm big on that Seven of Nine character
though. I used to date a girl like her...

> Third: And what language do the Sioux speak?

I'm not sure they would have had one common language until recently.
It's very political. Most likely it would be the Oglala dialect, because
Saskatchewan is the place where they fled once they whupped Custer.

> Fourth and last: Ca't we all forget about this six to tenthousand
> languages and just stick to plain Madagassian?

I like Classical Greek myself. I was taught that it was an
inflected/sung language, with pitched octaves. Not to mention thirty-two
verb tenses!

> Just curious,
> Bu.

"Fool! He thought his ape's brain could contain
 the secrets of the Krell!"

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