report on information representation seen on CNN

MEShinder meshinder at aol.com
Thu Jan 25 17:28:33 EST 2001

I recently saw a report on CNN about an MIT researcher that found that the
patterns of neuron firing during REM sleep in rats was the same as that seen
during maze learning earlier in the day. The implication seems to be that the
memory engram is not a network path but a pattern of activity. If this is to be
believed, then it might be that memories are transfered as patterns of activity
which are interpreted by the underlying physiology. I, myself, come from a
sensorimotor integration background and am inclinded to view information
processing as dynamic, which would make particular pattern representation
difficult to maintain. Does anyone else have any opinions? Has anyone seen the
report - I know mass media has a bad history of poor fact checking, but the
piece was a interview of the researcher so it seemed clear.

     Michael Shinder
     ENT Research
     meshinder at aol.com

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