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I am not good in neurology, nor English, and wondered about the meaning of the


proximal (dendrites) 

granule cells <-> interneurons  What are interneurons and what is the
difference to granule cells?


(In both CA1 and the dentate the bulk of the entorhinal projections arrive on
the) spines (?)
(rather than the dendritic) shafts (?)
(, appear to) innervate [does that mean they connect in axons?]

principal cells [what are principal cells and are they also outside dentate?] 
(and not interneurons, and appear to make excitatory rather than inhibitory

(CA3 pyramids have) bifurcating [?] 

(axons, with one main branch) exiting [?] 

from the hippocampus in the fimbria, [Does that mean they leave from the
hippocampus and go into the fimbria? <- Is that part of the fornix direction

(while the other main branch, the Schaffer) collaterals [?]
(, synapses with the dendrites of the CA1 pyramidal cells.)

efferent [?]  (Guess I should know that one, but keep confusing it with
afferent and forget which one was which.)

unidirectional [does that mean one-way or all ways?]

cortico-cortical connections within the isocortex [What are the isocortex? 
What does cortico-cortical mean?]

nodal (point)



medial forebrain bundle

interpeduncular nucleus [What does that one do?]

anteroventral nucleus (in anterior thalamus) functions / connections? 

anterodorsal and anteromedial nuclei ? And anterior thalamic nuclei ?


lamellar and laminar (organization of the hippocampus proper)

nesting of loops

(In the) disposition (of the external loops)

trisynaptic (hippocampal circuit)

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