Testosterone Update **IMPORTANT**

Liar42 liar42 at aol.com
Fri Jan 26 08:30:18 EST 2001

>Why is modern medicine missing the low testosterone mark? 

You are declaring natural functions some dysfunction,
and expect next maybe, that others start to mess around in natural functions.

If you had cared to contact doctors who give transsexuals, who want
testosterone, shots,
you would be informed about how much higher cancer risk and verious other
serious health risks are.

It is normal that testosterone goes down in age.
Testosterone is to do with rank fighting, and older men get too old and weak to
start going into fights with the stronger, that would not be that becoming for
them on the longer run.
It is a natural function that in age testosterone goes down.

Also that sexual functions goes down while getting old is natural, as an older
male in nature is not likley to able to fight well to remain alpha male in old
time and have women, or provide for the young.

If in old nature another male would have kicked the aging ape off position and
claimed the female(s), he might have killed his off-spring, or not well
provided for it.

Even if not having anyone drive the aging make off, an old one can not provide
as well for hunting and chasing off enemies of different kinds, than a young
strong male can  in average.

It is natural that testosterone goes down in aging.

You are seeming to imply that what is natural is not, and therefore you want
unnatural testosterone increase irregardless how bad that is for various health

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