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Liar42 liar42 at aol.com
Fri Jan 26 09:06:29 EST 2001

>Others find themselves fighting more subtle battles against obesity, fatigue,
depression and insomnia-common symptoms of low testosterone that most doctors
overlook or attribute to the natural process of aging or stress. <

Has it occurred to you that might might be mistaken and what most doctors say
there might be correct?

You may overlook that low testosterone effects have been studied concerning the
winner and loser of important matches.
The winner had, if I recall right, around 24h more testerone and more
self-confidence. The loser had around 24 h lower testosterone than usual and
lack of self-confidence.

Other effects of testosterone have been studien in the homosexual scene.

Someone there said there is a difference in sleep needed around 2 hours This
was a woman who had shot testosterone for a while, and than had stopped, and so
she noticed.

Also (not just she said) testosterone alters something to do with crying.

I once gave it a try and in my brain it altered some brain systems

Insomnia is not to do with that, as is not depression nor excessive fatigue, as
is not obesity in the sense of getting real fat (though testosterone has to do
with muscle amounts).

You seem to overlook that generally women have less testosterone than men, and
they do not suffer all depression, insomnia, obesity and fatigue.

It is however for men and women common as they get older, that they are less
flexible, feel less like moving a lot,
while children tend to run a lot, especially after 30-40 adults might rather
sit a lot and in that age many might also feel less like moving,
Some between 30 and 40, others after that start to have systems problems, so
for example these might be problems with joints, C6-C7, women and men might get
more likely to have cancer there than teens in average.
Systems are not as fit as they were.

While an older teen might dance for many hours, in the discos the ones in the
thirties might be seen less there, 40ies even more rare, 50ies would be the
exception in some techno discos and many other discos,
and in the 70ies it might be hard to find anyone going there.
This is for women and men alike, that the power for dancing hours in a row is
going down with aging.

As humans get older, melatonin levels go down (so there might be less sleep).

Concerning depression,

I read in a book that for human males from thirty onwards the suicide rates go
up, for females they go down.

I met many men who compare themselves to others.

Simplified expressed: "This man is stronger and more beautiful, this man has a
higher job position, has more money, and drives a more expensive car, this man
has a boat and I do not, this man has been travelling so much and I have not,
this man has no problem with beautiful women and I have, this man has a bigger
house and far more expensive stuff, this man can afford a tour guide if he is
there, I can not afford that and not even the holiday, ..." etc.

>From women I rarely hear as much comparisons to who has what.

They might more be talking behind the back of others about who did what, talk
about emotions and how they feel about what someone did,
and so on.

I once saw a picture, to do with people who were fully or partially from

The men played cards, the women did some sort of future "reading" game to do
with coffee remains in a cup.

There are many men who play games, where there is a winner and a loser.

Many women are not that much our into such games.

Wether in sports where two hoards chase some ball back and forth over a field,
board strategy games like chess, stratego, risk, abalone, go, ...

A lot of the male entertainment games in average seem more competetive.

A male when aging might go bald, realize that in his age it is not easy to
still start out on another job (also depending on how much work there is in the
region and how many younger, fitter people are cuing up for jobs) and might
realize that what he did with his life is not making him content, and that the
future prospects are seeming like he will get more old, more decrepit, that
women will find him less attractive, and get depressed over this.

These aspects, for someone who wishes to generalize inner aspects and differing
emotional systems of differing individuals into the hazy term "depression", are
not just some simple singie that there is some "lack" of testosterone.

You seem to overlook many aspects in aging, even though you write that many
doctors attribute problems you mentioned to aging.

Some day maybe consider that all these doctors might have reasons, why they are
regarding this so.

A good doctor might know that it is completely natural that testosterone goes
down, and not find something natural alarming like you, and find it more
alarming that you are seeming to wish to mess into natural ongoings because you
do not accept them, as if next you wanted to pump testosterone into people not
heeding if this might cause more cancer risk, if there are more diabetes risks,
and would risk cause way more dangerous problems than the ones you listed, and
some maybe ending lethal.

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