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Liar42 liar42 at aol.com
Fri Jan 26 09:45:14 EST 2001

>While medical science has determined that while a man's total (protein-bound)
testosterone levels remain relatively stable over time, his bio-available
(free) levels gradually decline (...) two percent each year beginning at age
twenty five. This means that a man in his sixties is functioning with only
about twenty percent of the testosterone he had in his twenties. However, when
standard laboratory tests are performed, most men typically have only their
total levels of testosterone evaluated. Their more important bio-available
levels go unchecked.<

Why should they be more important? 

Because you declare them so?

It is known that if males have sex with a partner or win an important contest,
that their testosterone tends to go up.

It is known that in age is goes down, and that is natural.

With heterosexual people who are steadily together, also the female tends to
lose the period in age, and also she might till then not be fit to year after
year give birth in nature, so that it is natural that in age the sex drive goes

I do not even get why you would find it natural that a sixty year old man
should have such a high sex drive.
Shall he try to maybe make his 50-60 year old life-partner pregnant, and be 75
and older than some other teens grandparents when the daughter or son is 15, so
that people might believe he is the grandfather?

In nature it was in the past not even that common for male humans to get very

You are ignoring bio-logic.

You sound more like some pharma-product advertiser,
who is listing a check-list where parts IMO have not to do with testosterone
levels, to then make advertising for messing around in the steroid hormone
(percurser) levels.

What makes you reminding of a pharma-spammer 
also, is that you do not first list what systems are correlating with the
according hormones are important for, and what negative effects there might be
if disrupting natural balances as you suggest.

Already when advertising DHEA usually the advertisers tended to keep negative
effects down. I once had a longer text, that I do not have here at the moment,
where they made a list of possible negative effects.

There can be worse effects via other drugs, but it definitely did not sound
that healthy to interfere into natural balances.
As you said, it is a precursor, meaning there are other hormone levels also
tilted out of natural balances, and with them all correlating systems might be

>And last, but certainly not least, prohormones cross the blood/brain barrier
more quickly than testosterone does. As a result, they are more effective in
enhancing cognitive (...) functions <

Could you list, concerning you claim, in which brain areas what cognitive
functions are increased exactly?

(I guess you are not referring to what a woman might call a dickhead some
cognitive improvement. ;-)

>TPE is a rejuvenative topical prohormone formula specifically designed for the
low or decreased testosterone male.<

So, then they get young again, like one or two decades, or something like that
in the rejuvenating?  ;-)

Maybe if looking for "low and decreased ... males" there you might find a
broader marked for the product you seem to advertise?

If a male feels low and decreased, it might lower his testosterone considerably
& his self-confidence. I assume there might be those who rather interfere into
their natural levels to get some drug kick out of some substance, irregardless
if that is good for natural systems balances, than heed wisdom in such.

However not everyone wishes to mess around with systens correlating to effects

>• Androstenediol
>• Norandrostenediol
>• Progesterone

>TPE should not used by men be with pre-existing, hormone-dependent cancers
(such as a prostate), those with unstable blood pressure<

Now, guess why this is so, guess what warnings of doctors to transsexuals
taking testosterone are about what dangers go up how many times, 
guess WHAT organ is endangered there concerning the blood pressure,
and guess if it can also have effects if before there was not pre-existing
dangerous cancer or not.

>please contact myself directly at DrW at penisimprovement.com . 

I thought the whole time only a money-greedy spammer would write such idiocies,
but I wasn't entirely sure till I read this part.

>Yours for better health,

Good joke.

I guess you meant:

"Yours for shoving over your money into my bank-account"

>Dr.Ronald Williams

What, you are a doctor?! Where did you get your licence? 
In Djibouti on the flea-market?
At the fantasy convention?
With the involvement of a good computer & print program?

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