could some neuroscientists comment on this please??

Liar42 liar42 at aol.com
Fri Jan 26 10:18:42 EST 2001

I am not a neuroscientist.

However I wondered how they are to make the decision for you.

You do not say what interests you more.

You also do not say with what you might get a job you like later more easily
and how relevant that is to you.

I myself, probably because I from another language and translate "cognito" from
Latin into "I think", keep reading cognitive like "thinking" is meant in
English, but I noticed long ago that the English must mean something else
there, and I notice that again in your words.

My partner had MRI and it cause him problems in the head for over a week.

What do you want, brain and wave picture
or chemical formulas, what molecules react with what,
or something else?

I could not give you advice, I find both off-shot.

MRI messes up akasha in the brain,
and EEG is outside.

To understand about Broca's for example, I do not understand how an EEG would
show there that much, and it might be not becoming to mess around with MRI
energies in brain systems to satisfy some still rather superficial curiosities

If the structuring of language were to interest me and problems there, I might
collect reports from people who had brain accidents, or people who are rather
(If I had the money and the time and the interest.  ;-)

I might ask that they try to state legible and O.K. 
what was the source of their brain damages and what they know and suspect about
what got damaged.
Also, if they do not mind too much, if they could give not just the age of the
incident, but how old they are, and if they do not mind to mention if they are
male or female, as in language capacities in general that might make a

I might ask if they wish their name mentioned later or definitely not.

And then ask that they pick some irrelevant stuff, and hastily type it down.
Correcting not error. 
Does not matter if it makes no sense at all, if there are words and syllables
wrong, and so on.

So that I can study the errors and the patterns in them.

After that I might ask them, if  they could send me a better checked, so that I
can understand it again better, version of other observation in relation to
their brain (and maybe body) that they find relevant.

The results of such might interest me more then messing with MRI energies in
other people's brain. If Broca's got damaged, that won't fix it either.

Concerning molecular life, I do like life, and would not like to cut around in
it like some of science do, perverts even in the brains of imprisoned persons
of kinds inside rather related to our ape kind.

Not even plants I like to damage usually. Yesterday I thought if I wish to rip
some huge gras-sort plant out as it was a bit in the way, but then thought that
is not nice to the plant, and I rather leave it in for it healthy stage.

I had the distant impression, that some molecular research in Western science
is not into damaging other forms of life to satisfy their knowledge interests,
believing that of some homo ape wants to know, in the name of science he may
commit to any other life form whatever he wishes and that morally that is O.K.,
because he is the master race and master kind of the First World in the

I do not mind if a human 
who is not minding that her/his brain is destroyed after death and wished
specificially to be taken apart by doctors/ researchers then, maybe because
(s)he was a doctor and did so and finds it a part of the chain, or for other
is used for molecular or other research.

There was full assent, this was wanted, so then I do not mind if others
research there or teach young doctors how to cut and how make operations, etc.

I particularily mind if those life forms where there was never any assent get
damaged over other's curiosities.

This damaging unconsenting others to satistisfy own curiosities is a perversion
I do not think I'd aspire as a career.

I know there are very sensitive plants and other life forms who are sensitive. 

I am not sure what you wish to study in molecular life and where those
molecules are from and to what degree that life assented.

Therefore I would make a bad counselor for your interests;
this was more just some comment.
As said, I am no neuroscientist (I just so far had not noticed any answer).

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