skin cancer and headaches

Liar42 liar42 at aol.com
Fri Jan 26 11:00:09 EST 2001

Where do you have the headaches?

One place or several places?

Does it feel where the nose from the air comes in or other signals from the
nose, or elseplace?

Is there an area (or several) feeling a certain size, and it is (are) always
the same?

Have you ever looked on brain pictures where those are?

If you do not find help, staying off the computer, going a lot for natural
walks, quiet, deciding inside you want systems to be healthy
and avoiding artifificial energy inputs and longer stress times
can be healthy.

I once had something in my head, that felt to me like 2 cubic centimeters in
the right frontal cortex keeping going for headaches on and off, first just on
front of the computer, then when I was not even near a computer.

I went off the net back then,
went a lot into nature, it was summer, so I went swimming to the lake shore
with forest around, relaxed, and on and off grumped that that don't it dare
going cancer or whatever it was doing there, and that I want it to transform
back healthy and not hurting.

And it did.

I still suspect it could start out again faster than other areas around,

I also had some sort of hard clumps, where I suspected before were smaller
(And it did not seem in in context with a cold or something like that, where
sometimes some might get a bit bigger, though there usually others.)

With them odd ones, I tended to make movements that made it real uncomfy for
them to make themselves that fat there,
grumped at them I want them back normal size, and they keep reoccurring on and
off, and when they bug me to much I keep doing that again.

All in all so far I preferred rather not to know if they are cancer or not.

Whatever it was, I just wanted them sytems to be transforming back to a healthy
enough stage that does not disturb other systems, nor makes trouble directly



But if you think there is serious trouble go to a doctor. If he says it is a
brain tumour
(one single clump and not krept into a different region) in case you know how
to magically give access, maybe better first try a good Red Indian magic healer
(maybe of the Lakota Lame Deer or Fool's Crow know where to turn), a Westie
doctor would rather cut out the entire area, irregardless what functions it is
needed for, than try to heal the problem magically without cutting first.

Beware of their attitude there.

They are freaking sense censored.
They might more be a last option, if everything else fails.

As said, I usually so far preferred to not even know. Just keeping grumping at
the place that changed so it is causing problems I do not like  that I want it
to transform back 
or at least so, it does not bother other systems and its systems. 

And as said, relaxing a lot in natural nature. 

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