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Liar42 liar42 at aol.com
Fri Jan 26 11:26:04 EST 2001

>computer simulations of cognitive phenomena<

You are not seriously trying to imply you think some computer is like the main
thinkers of the brain to imitate them, are you?

Then I can just adivise people to not send their best students there, some
idiots might do.

>neurophysiological recording from the brains of behaving animals

Sorry, perverts might do.

"Behaving" animals.

What is that for an expression.

We are all animals, and a lot of what we are doing is to do with thought, and
to call it "behaving" like trying to get some kiddie or doggie to "behave" to
the will of others sounds rather gross.

Sounds like another of those master race / master kind thinkers,
who are trying to declare one person to be of more value than another and then
abuse imprisoned persons, alike Mengele declaring others to be inferior, but
useful for their alikeness to the own master race declared to have more value
than the prisoner abused.

It is shameful that are are teaching anything like that.

Any decent human would not abuse a person, of whatever race/kind,
but select those who gave free consent.

>neuropsychological assessment of clinical patients.  

Psycholology never understood much about the Psyche of individuals, not did
Guess there individuals with problems have to be patient indeed.

Maybe some day consider to learn from Red Indian healing attitude.

>From the Lakota I heard there is belief, that the God they believe in is like a
grandfather, therefore one who is a healer-priest is calling himself

That is not:"May he give his insurance card to my secretary so I can zoink the
money, else I ain't gonna move even just my little finger.
And they may hit sit patiently as my patient ages in some waiting room 
and get coughed other infectious stuff 
from other patients waiting more or less patiently there  
at himself as a passtime."

The attitude is like to grandchildren coming with a problem.

I find it regretful that some primitivists are not learning from the attitudes
of healers of Earth,
and instead advertise disgusting for humanity attitudes 
that are a shame for our kind on Earth 
to young people about how to treat persons of related kinds.

>Students receive a $2500 stipend, free housing, and some travel support.<

Even if I were a student of your branch, you'd not bribe me with that to commit
such to pesons of related kinds.

I probably know more about some aspects of one of the questions in there than
nearly anyone on Earth,
but some pervert who abuses other persons who did not consent would not be on
the list of who I have any interest to share about that.

That you do not find such a disgrace for yourself, your place (and humanity)
speaks for your attitudes.

Why do you not let others treat you exactly like other animals there have been,
same freedom degree, same living conditions, so they can make mentioned
"neurophysiological recording from the brain" of you behaving.

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