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Fri Jan 26 12:52:05 EST 2001

... Actually I would probably learn more about some applicants if I were to
meet them first and they do not know who I am in some room along the lines
"flame like hell". At least I might get a more honest impression in some

Another way, though not my way now, is a round of chess and a round of taking
wooden swords and play "schnetzeln", which is playfight, the hits are stopped
before touch, but if the other did not parry in time it counts a score.

It is a way to tell a bit about some mental speeds and capacities and also
about some aggressions reactions and control of such. ("Seeing" games, too.)


Concerning 2000, I found this:

"Single Neurons in Behaving Monkeys"

So, how was that person gotten to "behave" to get at that person's neurons?

Short of imprisoning a person and physically disabling him for a while so he
cannot fight back I doubt any sane persons like that of us persons of Earth
would let some other mad ape open the own skull to start to mess around with
one's hardware.

You you a bunch of sickos over there, who on intention injure others or use
data of such with a terminology, as if you find it cool that one person commits
such to another.

>activity of hippocampus "place cells" 
I save myself to guess how some pervert sicko gets at the activity of the
hippocampus of another person.

>ERK also is activated in hippocampus (...) during contextual
fear-conditioning, a hippocampally-mediated associative memory task.<

I also save myself how to guess how you cause another person fear while you are
mutilating around in I base memory system of that person.

I hope no student of the current generation will be so low as to support you in
what your interests are there concerning mutilating around in persons of
related kinds.

I bet them persons abuses are held prisoners.

No free sane person would assent to such.

I bet the prisoners get their skulls damaged, and then you mess around in
there, because these persons are in so much so related to our ape kind, and
that is why you are messing around there or are not ashamed that such is
committed to others, because you are so disgustingly primitive,
that you are trying to lure young humans to commit anyting like that to other
perons due to that we mammal persons are alike in so much inside and due to
that you have some sort of master race/kind craze that makes you believe that
just cause someone of the worst kind of all of&for Earth is wishing to know
something, that makes it totally O.K. do take some other person prisoner,
declare them some possession, force their skull open, and mutilate around in

No brain of any person of any of us kinds of Earth is a possession of another.

The declaring of the brain of any of us persons of Earth as some possession of
another, to mess around in there, wether in I base memory or elsewhere, is
among the most atricious crimes committed in the history of Earth.

You are obviously supporting atrocious criminal acts to other perons,
who are probably held prisoners,

and are trying to convince young person of humanity to join into your atrocious
fandom of such deeds committed to other persons there,
and offer some sort of bribe money and housing to make it more comfortable.

I hope the young generation of today has few (preferably no who are so inhumane
and such a disgrace for humanity) 
who are out to support in any form any 
place  making it clear they like such utterly atrocious deeds done to I base
memory systems of any other persons, wether one of us mammal persons or of
another kindred.

You are outright disgusting over there.

Shame on your that you are trying to get young humans of our ape kind to go to
such atrocious deeds committed to persons of related kinds, so you can satisfy
your curiousities.

You remind me of Mengele in Hitler's time.

You "university" is a shame for shame for humanity.

It is obviously not a place to teach you people to heed peace and good
harmonies in the universe, but a university towards some homochimps playing the
old master race attitude into master kind attitudes continuatios and inviting
young humans to disgrace humanity by abusing persons of related kinds because
we are so similar inside and you want to know something about your ape kinds
brains and therefore you maim around in prisoners of their kind or support
persons who do in attitudes, and try to drag young humans into such atrocious
deeds committed to imprisoned persons.

Your university and you are a disgrace for the history of humanity on Earth and
in space.

(It is shameful to have some homo apes like that within one's kind.)

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