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On top of that I found it remarkable how little, in spite of atrocious deeds
committed to imprisoned persons, you are obviously understanding about some
human functions.

It shows that all the crippling around in imprisoned persons,

and also not messing around with energies repeatedly in the head of a human who
already has problems and go to a healer in the hope for help (how is that
supposed to created a bettering, to keep sending such unhealthy energies

has not lead you to have come far in understanding in your own head what is
doing what.

There was one part about language that I found outright stupid.

"possibility that formation of phonetic categories is driven by experience and 

only general rather than speech-specific learning mechanisms. 

To test this, 12 subjects were randomly assigned to two experimental conditions
in which they listened to the same stimuli. The frequency with which individual
stimuli were presented differed between groups. One group heard stimuli drawn
from a unimodal distribution; the other heard the same stimuli drawn from a
bimodal distribution. During the training phase of the experiment, listeners
passively listened as stimuli were presented. Following this exposure, both
groups were tested on an ABX discrimination task The same set of 17 stimuli
(Pisoni et al, 1982) was used in both parts of the experiment. At this time,
results are inconclusive. There were no significant differences between the two
groups of listeners. However, the data suggest that effects may be observed by
examining larger discrimination differences in the ABX task. A follow-up study
currently underway investigates this question."

My comment on that translated to your language might make little sense to you,
but the first reaction was something like "if that got transtuned into
cingulate (not referring to posterior, though I do not wish to straight exclude
that sector concerning that, too) verbal transition could be by-passed at the
time, so what does that say about speech specific learning mechanisms?
Nearly any idiot who cares knows a bit about some simplistic speech specific
mechanisms, just takes listening to people who talk to babies or Kisuaheli ..."

Anyway, concerning my head, its to do with syllables. I was just referring to
special pronouncings, as there they might stand out even more.

(Mama, Papa, Nana, Tata, Titikaka, nini, ... )

Different topic, but reminds me of some cartoon joke I saw about the young
generation today:

Some Granny bends over a stroller with the baby and tries some sounds like
:"Gillegille dada guckguckguck ..."  Some small boy interrupts her 
try at baby-sound chat, and says:"You are doing something wrong there." He
bends his head into the stroller and says to the baby: "http://www/baby.com!"

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