Hemispheric control....

Liar42 liar42 at aol.com
Sat Jan 27 03:31:44 EST 2001

>left visual field reaches the right hemisphere,

Note, the eyes nerves cross, and who cares to game for it magically can
exercise to transconnect energies from one back occipital to one of the two
eyes dominantly. There are brain games occ.l - l eye, r eye, occ r -r eye, l
eye, occ l.

(r = right, l = left, occ = back occipital)

Outside some brain halves "imbalance" problems or weirdo research this might be
rather irrelevant; just thought I mention there is a crossing (that, if
practiced can also be aimed for directly), and that personally I would not
agree that normally the left visual field is dominant for right eye perception.

I do not believe that the crossing concerning motorics is due to that.

As said, I regard it relevant that if damages are done to one side that damage
brain areas there, that the other side is still intact to use the arm and leg
on that (opposide to it) side to shove what (be)fell on one off again.

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