Hemispheric control....

Liar42 liar42 at aol.com
Sat Jan 27 03:48:44 EST 2001

>Can anyone provide further elucidation?

Maybe not the way you mean.

If tying a regular shaped ring (for example aluminium ones found in the US at
chewing gum machines maybe) to a string and stare at it, wether making it
double picture or not, if tryuing with the eyes like telekinetically to make an
upwards energy pull the ring might "invert" and maybe there also the being
eventually the impression that this can be also done if perceiving with central
focus the the eyes nerves crossings.

But don't nail me down on that one, more some games within some magic games
longer ago. There was no central purpose there to study optics.

Richard Norman:

>The "homunculus" in the sensory and motor cortex 

What is a homunculus, 
and in which of the different sensory or motor cortex systems?

>All that matters is that this particular neuron somehow "knows"
that it is associated with this particular part of the visual field,
or part of the body.<

Are you sure they do in you?

In my brain I never perceived them singly, but my first guess would be no, mine
do not.

I guess the thinkers in the brain might be aware if we are connected to visual
fields, or at least I am; would not even wish to guess for the other main
thinker in my brain; does not seem to be intelligent enough to know it exists
like one of us I s, therefore I rather do not guess how aware or not aware it
is if it is phasing with some visual field stuff.

Might be aware it is at that, but not think much about that as such.

And no, certainly never noticed any single neuron (or glia or any cell) to be
knowing much concerning larger scale associations.

I do not wish to exclude they are in their way aware of other stuff they are
linking with, that they are currently reacting with there, but I seriously
doubt there is much thinking going on about that, and that it knows that much
about the entire field there, or has much knowing about parts of the body or
stuff like that.

Just as a joke, if they knew how could there be cancer. They should know that
it is not good for the region they are in then, and not multiply "defectives"
concerning systems harmonies.


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