Role of Hippocampus in Contextual Fear COnditioning

Liar42 liar42 at aol.com
Sat Jan 27 04:30:47 EST 2001

I find consistently that imprisoned persons of related kinds are having
atrocious crimes commited to.

I find consistently that the vocabulary used reflects the old Hitler time
Mengele master race / master kind terminology.

The Jew, The Gypsy, The rat, THE ape.

It is often not even said anymore which ape, because we apes are all so
similar, that the point is that we are so alike inside, that it is assumed it
is the same in our ape / that they are sure it is.

The individual person, wether by a Hitler-time Mengele or a democrat-time
neurologist, is declared some inferior possession
to be abused, injured, maimed and maybe even murdered.

The vocabulary is startlingly identical.

Everyone who knows a Jew or a rat knows that there are not just vast
differences between if it is a man or a woman, but also that the individual
persons are vastly differing.

It is in the abuser mentality, wether some Hitler Mengele, some democrat
neurologist or of any other system where persons are declared inferior
possessions of others,
to go THEing on individuals, ignore their sex, ignore the individual person,
and treat them like some thing that is free to be damaged, as it has been
declared inferior to the own master race / master kind.

The politics of the according groups are also similar in other aspects.

Hitler in the old time put people in KZ, the ruling democrats now put them in
Landeskliniked and shot them chemically to the sector if they wish out of
functions, makes less traces outside. Back then as now hardly no one cares how
many are there why and what is done to them.
A psychiatry institution that in Hitler's time castrated handicapped declared
as inferior to the master race not does dirt work for the new ruling. The
children are taught in state schools that no longer they are master race, they
advance to being first world in the universe.
And the ruling on the state channels no longer keep their greed to Earth, but
scream out into the universe on lots of channels that they want to be the First

On the surface, in old and new times it is pretended that one is ever so
advanced, however if looking closer, the names changes, some minor aspects
changed, but it is still the old game that one person belongs to another, is
declared inferior, is imprisoned, abused, maimed around in and maybe murdered.

I notice in your text that there is no discerning even of what persons the
hippocampus is.

There is no giving of the kind of the person, nor of the sex of the person, nor
maybe individual aspects.

(As is known among our ape kind there can be cell differences in so-called

I notice you go THE hippocampus,
as if there was zero diffference whatsoever of what kind the person was, of
what sex the person was and who the individual is/was.

Maybe you do not get very far in your THEing, because you do not even perceive
well about the individual.

If fear were to interest you, you would have studied your own systems.

And there (at least if they are remotely like mine in that) noticed that the
hippocampus is not a main fear generator.

The fear source reaction sysetms are to do with emotional main systems in me,
and in my systems the one I connect most with fear (of course different
emotional systems are to do with different sorts of emotions, and this of
course also going for fears)  is in the body, not in the brain.

I call it different in my branch, but I assume one of science branch would all
it adrenal glands.

The next main system relevant to fears is in the brain, and I am not going to
tell you which one, because I fear for the other persons that you might go to
some prisoner and abuse him/her, and main in the brain of that person to find
Which is silly there anyway, as there us individuals and us kinds are vastly

But I guess one just needs to look at what different persons are afraid off,
and notice vast differences. Starting with spiders.

Some like to eat spiders in South America, and in Europe some are very afraid
of them and have high fear reactions, and find the idea disgusting to grill a
spider and eat parts of it.

Concerning revolutionary ideas,
I hope when the next revolution comes some will seek out the neuro perverts and
commit to them exactly what they committed to imprisoned persons. I do not mind
at all if they get killed, then such atricious shames for humanity, who are
abusing other persons in such disgusting ways, are off to no longer disgrace
humanity on Earth and in the universe.

We will never be able to make up what was committed there to other persons,
this will be like with Black African, Jewish, Kurdish and other persons, that
what was committed in the past to persons can not be undone.

But at least one might hope for a future where such perverts, who are
imprisoning someone who never consented, and then abuse that person, maim that
person and maybe even murder that person will not longer disgrace humanity on
Earth and in space.

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