brain tumor growth as a result of psychotherapy

Liar42 liar42 at aol.com
Sat Jan 27 05:52:42 EST 2001

>The main anxiety centres are in the Limbic areas 

Did you meet all persons on Earth, that you generalize so for them?

Or are you just trying to say that people like I lie when they give adrenal
glands, concerning different fears generalized and how relevant areas there
are, first.

My cingulate gyrus I do not regard relevant for fears.

Corticomedial amygdala is to do with smell, I do not even get why you regard
that that relevant in your generalizings.

You are just seeming to generalize lots of areas where many 
I do not find relevant there.

Basolateral among various others, that are not limbic , is one of the relevant
ones, though it has many other functions that I regard more relevant. 
I regard adrenal glands concerning fears generalized as more relevant.

>and become conscious thoughts by the Limbics communicating them to the
prefrontal lobes.<

LOL ... That is another way to state you are an utter idiot who does not
understand where the I s consciousnesses are in the head of a mammal while at
generalizing them for others.

I leave you to your errors. 

It is obvious you do not understand much about the brain already when you
generalize lots of different limbic areas.

Me myself, I am parts of them, too.

This is certainly not the place here to discuss I s areas in the brain and how
utterly irrelevant prefrontal lobes are (which I guess after decades of
lobotomy, and Harvard if I recall right still at it, is obvious) concerning the
I consciousnesses in the brain becoming conscious of stuff outside their

Out front there  I never even registered any main brain command station in my
life. Grin ... 

But I find it fun how you state b.s. like fact for 6 billion brains where you
probably did not even ask a billion of them which is the area they regard most
relevant for fear generalized, and about consciousnesses in them.

>So there probably isn't a direct connection with a tumour in the
>cerebellum, though their might be an indirect one.

Agreed on that.

>However, if your trying to pin the tumour on the therapy as the subject line
suggests, then you are IMO, way of base.<

If that means way off, 
for a tumour to be caused as such generally with such therapies, yes, that
would sound way off,

for it to react way more uninhibited when other systems are relaxed, 

and systems when there is something wrong shunting reactions that can also have
effects on emotions, no, on that I do not believe someone would be way off.

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