Role of Hippocampus in Contextual Fear COnditioning

Nick Medford nick at hermit0.demon.co.uk
Sat Jan 27 08:44:16 EST 2001

In article <20010127043210.15286.00001243 at ng-ba1.aol.com>, Liar42
<liar42 at aol.com> writes
>...Anyway, in my brain I regard hippocampus as such not that relevant
>concerning fears.
>Main generators are elseplace, and individual own I responses can differ
>depending on culture and kind and individual / previous experiences /

Dear liar42:

Are you the same person who used to post here under the name
Cijadrachon, a couple of years back?

Although I ask the question, I feel pretty sure you are the same. The style
and volume of your posts is just too similar.

May I suggest that anyone here who wasn't around back then has a look at
the list archives. I will refrain from further comment- people can draw their
own conclusions. 
Nick Medford

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