Why does thyroid injection cause depression?

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Sat Jan 27 12:01:45 EST 2001

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> I underwent a TRH stimulation test  so my doc could check my
> axis and the thyroid injection for the test caused severe depression for
> 1 week.
> I also had the cortisol stimulation test done to check my adrenals and the
> injection for this caused depression and crying for an hour or two, then
> mood came back up to normal.
> Both test results were normal.  This doesn't make sense. If results were
> then why would I have such unusual reactions (severe prolonged
> Has anyone ever heard of this before, and what do you think might have
> it?
> -TIA-
> Winnedbear at aol.com

I do not know whether those particular tests could have any specific
neurological outcomes. However it is very clear that simply the stress and
anxiety associated with the tests and worrying about the possible results
could easily bring on such feelings.

Clearly, the tests would not be done unless someone thought there might
be something potentially serious wrong with you.  And it would be very
natural to be very stressed and anxious under those circumstances and
show symptoms of depression under those circumstances.  The real
problem with depression is when it is exhibited without having a valid
objective reason.  The fact that the test outcomes were so positive
should be reassuring.

I know from personal experience.  After my prostate biopsy, they wouldn't
let me leave the hospital until my blood pressure came down to at least
a "reasonable" level and that took many hours.  And when my PSA levels
started to rise after prostatectomy (indicating a recurrence of cancer)
I, too, went into mild depression.  Neither condition was medically
"caused" by the stimulus.  They were simply natural psychological
and physiological reactions to the situation.

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