brain tumor growth as a result of psychotherapy

Filip van den Bergh F.S.vandenBergh at students.fss.uu.nl
Mon Jan 29 15:36:19 EST 2001

Liar42 <liar42 at aol.com> wrote in message
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> >I don't believe that the cerebellum is associated with fear-related
> disorders.<
> Why disorder? Most fears are orders, and are systematically to do with
> different body&brain systems and natural bioprograms in there, that are
> reacting as is natural for that individual in such a situation, though own
> attitudes and other peoples attitudes may cause alterations.

With this little piece of text I think you are trying to say that not all
fear is pathological.  Although true, you seem to have forgotten that this
person saw a therapist, and thus his fear is (by the only possible
definition) pathological.

> Apart from that agreed on that cerebellum does not register as a main fear
> emotion source.
> However if you got ill, would your systems shunt powers so you feel as
> "energy" as usual for what you tend to be into?

I don't really understand what you mean here.

> Apart from that the subject line did not suggest that the tumour was the
> result, but that the growth of it was a result, which personally I would
> entirely exclude.Might be more effective, though, to hover over what to do
> about the tumour in the present, than to stare into the past to aspects
> were there, and cannot be changed there in the past now.

I can see you are not a scientist here. Furthermore, you do not seem to be
interested in prevention. This remark actually makes me doubt all of your
other remarks. Should I? Please clarify.


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