The Scientific Impact of the Existence of Telepathic Power

Kwok-Man Hui kmhui at math.duke.edu
Tue Jan 30 11:21:50 EST 2001

Hi, Everyone,

I usually don't want to spend time to talk something like that, but indeed
people really don't understand the tremendous impact of the existence of
telepathy on science.

Doing the experiment to confirm such an existence is not easy because it's
very political, first of all. Second, hard to find the right candidate to
do the test.
Anyway, even with all these difficulties, it is still worthwile to conduct
the test if you realize its impact on science.

Suppose two guys locked up in two different rooms, not too far away from
each other. A guy with telepathic power sends out a description of a card
and the other guy in another room is asked to pick up such a card. Repeat
and repeat such trial. See the probability whether exceed pure chance.

If the test result is positive, I can see that it immediately poses
tremendous explanation demand from neuroscience, condensed matter
physics, physics, and psychology.

The questions raised in ascending level of abstractness are

0. What sort of psychological feelings those test subjects have and how
the psychology of one's mind related next questions?

1. What mechanism inside the brain can do that? Which part of the brain be
responsible for that? Which cells, tissue, neurons?

2. What condensed matter condition provides such mechanism, neural fluid
is the mediating medium?. Obviously, not everybody can do that.

3. What sort of medium can be tansmitted the thoughts through the air, the
doors, and walls, then inside the guy's flesh and skull.
Long ranged electromagnetic wave or gravity waves or some other form
powerful radiation?

I think the most perplexing part is around the physics. i.e. what is the
physical theory behind this factual phenomenon?

The phenomenon must be around the low energy physics regime, but obviously
the medium to transmit the thoughts can't be some powerful radiation to
penetrate walls, bone and flesh to the other mind, otherwise the mechanism
immediately burns the telepathic brain before the radiation can go out its
brain. As we all know, the electrical and chemical energy in
our brain is no more than one or two volts. Then how we can explain such a
transmition of thoughts in terms of our current physical laws?

Therefore, it must involve some unfound low energy limit physical laws
behind this phenomenon. Maybe it invokes some quantum mechanical small
scale structure of spacetime in some good quantum mechanical condition
like in our brain. In other words, it may involve a low energy limit of a
combined fundamental forces of electrmagnetism and gravity. If physicists
accept such mentality, then it consequently poses question on how
physicists should treat their high energy physics and the unification of
fundamental forces so that in the low energy regime there is a weak
coupling of electromagnetism and gravity but with observable effect in
some good condensed matter condition.

Hope you guys can understand this lot of jargons. Hope someday when people
can kick away the polical barrier of the testing. They can seek out some
new truth about the laws of nature.

I need to go back and concentrate on my study.

Sincerely yours,


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