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What's split-brain studies?

John M Price PhD jmprice at calweb.com
Wed Jan 31 17:26:36 EST 2001

In sci.psychology.theory article <wC%d6.86634$ft6.2188377 at typhoon.mw.mediaone.net> Richard Norman <rsnorman at mediaone.net> wrote:
: Note:  the original thread is about telepathy.

: "Kwok-Man Hui" <kmhui at math.duke.edu> wrote in message
: news:Pine.LNX.4.30.0101310921350.12789-100000 at tux4.math.duke.edu...
:> On Wed, 31 Jan 2001, Richard Norman wrote:
:> > >
:> > > Doing the experiment to confirm such an existence is not easy because
: it's
:> > > very political, first of all. Second, hard to find the right candidate
: to
:> > > do the test.
:> > > Anyway, even with all these difficulties, it is still worthwile to
: conduct
:> > > the test if you realize its impact on science.
:> > >
:> > <snip a lot of stuff here>
:> >
:> > I remember Roger Sperry (Nobelist for, among other things,
:> > split-brain studies) saying that perhaps the greatest evidence
:> > for the absence of anything like telepathy is the total inability
:> > of the two hemispheres to communicate without direct nervous
:> > connection between them.  Certainly, if there were two "kindred
:> > spirits" it would be the left and right hemispheres of one
:> > individual.  Everything about them would match just right.  Further
:> > they are so closely apposed that even a weak telepathic signal
:> > should come through loud and clear!  Yet no split brain patient
:> > ever showed any ability to communicate that way between the
:> > hemispheres.
:> >
:> What's split brain study?
:> Withou direct nerve connection between two hemisphere doesn't mean no
:> nerve connection at all. What about the cerebellum? Or the part of the
:> brain controls the involutory action.It doesn't mean that part will
:> provide the telepathy directly. Such a power may involve several parts of
:> the cerebrum organizing to work together. The subconciousness may help.

:> I think if telepathic exists, it involves function of some part of the
:> brain yet we don't know its potential power. There must exist some
:> connection btween some parts of the brain.
:> Some other questions. Why telepathic signal should be loud and clear?
:> Loud and clear in SOME specific receivers' heads? Or loud and clear in the
:> air?
:> Regards,
:> Charles

: Look up "Sperry split brain" in www.google.com.  People with
: the corpus callosum cut have the direct connection between the
: hemispheres severed.  This is the "split brain".  Many studies
: indicate that after such surgery, each hemisphere can be provided
: with different information, and that the information in fact is not
: shared between them even though there are other pathways
: that remain intact.

Back in the eighties, there was a nice little book published called _Human
Cerebral Assymetry_ which covered a lot of the findings.  Yes, it has
likely been superceeded, but it is addressable and comprehensive to that
point in time.  Further, since there is no real reason, for a complete
commisurotomy, it is very rarely done these days.  Only small sections
need be severed to control the seizures which would lead to the surgical

The book also discusses some cases of hemispherectomy in young children,
and the effeects on language.  

: The application to telepathy is offered in the spirit originally
: intended, as a somewhat humorous thought.  Certainly not
: a definitive proof against telepathy.

: But unless you show convincing hard experimental evidence based
: on carefully controlled studies and published in reputable refereed
: journals FOR telepathy, I think you had better at least drop
: bionet.neuroscience from your list of news groups.

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