What's split-brain studies?

Kwok-Man Hui kmhui at math.duke.edu
Wed Jan 31 18:52:31 EST 2001

I wrote:

> > Doing the experiment to confirm such an existence is not easy because
> > it's very political, first of all. Second, hard to find the right
> > candidate to do the test.
> > Anyway, even with all these difficulties, it is still worthwile to
> > conduct the test if you realize its impact on science.
> > > >
> > > <snip a lot of stuff here>
> > >
> > > I remember Roger Sperry (Nobelist for, among other things,
> > > split-brain studies) saying that perhaps the greatest evidence
> > > for the absence of anything like telepathy is the total inability
> > > of the two hemispheres to communicate without direct nervous
> > > connection between them.  Certainly, if there were two "kindred
> > > spirits" it would be the left and right hemispheres of one
> > > individual.  Everything about them would match just right.  Further
> > > they are so closely apposed that even a weak telepathic signal
> > > should come through loud and clear!  Yet no split brain patient
> > > ever showed any ability to communicate that way between the
> > > hemispheres.
> > >
I wrote:
> >
> > What's split brain study?
> >
> > Withou direct nerve connection between two hemisphere doesn't mean no
> > nerve connection at all. What about the cerebellum? Or the part of the
> > brain controls the involutory action.It doesn't mean that part will
> > provide the telepathy directly. Such a power may involve several parts of
> > the cerebrum organizing to work together. The subconciousness may help.
> >
> > I think if telepathic exists, it involves function of some part of the
> > brain yet we don't know its potential power. There must exist some
> > connection btween some parts of the brain.
> >
On Wed, 31 Jan 2001, Richard Norman wrote:

> Look up "Sperry split brain" in www.google.com.  People with
> the corpus callosum cut have the direct connection between the
> hemispheres severed.  This is the "split brain".  Many studies
> indicate that after such surgery, each hemisphere can be provided
> with different information, and that the information in fact is not
> shared between them even though there are other pathways
> that remain intact.

This exactly shows that our brain has tremendous rehabitability after
severe trauma like stroke or cutting the brain into half and putting them
together. Therefore, a lot of mental power is unfound or unexplored yet.

> But unless you show convincing hard experimental evidence based
> on carefully controlled studies and published in reputable refereed
> journals FOR telepathy, I think you had better at least drop
> bionet.neuroscience from your list of news groups.

How about this. I find you a guy with such strong mental power and have
him to be tested in a carefully controlled experiment. Then publish the
positive result in some reputable refereed journal so that let telepathy
be established as a prominent fact or  the first  astonishing
scientific finding in 21st century. Do you know any source or organization
willing to do that?


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