Memory loss from toxins

John H John at faraway.com.au
Sun Jul 1 03:54:50 EST 2001

>From what I've been looking at lately your ideas are plausible and
unfortunately such evidence of long term consequences to chemical exposure
are beginning to appear all too frequently. If you can provide a list of
chemicals involved please contact me at johnhkm at ozemail.com.au. Then there
is a list of a whole lot of other stuff but let me warn you I am a layman in
this; albeit a very thorough collector of facts.

MrMe <MrMe at Mrme> wrote in message
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> Three years ago 7 people including myself were trapped inside a burning
> tanker. During the several minutes we were inside the vehcle we were
> to smoke coming from a variety of sources including but not limited to the
> following.
> 1. Burning truck tire stored under our cabin
> 2. Burning batteries stored under our cabin
> 3. Foam and vinel seats inside the cabin which were smouldering.
> Since this incident I have been suffering from periods of memory loss
> varying from minutes to on one occasion an entire week. These incedents
> the course of the last three years have gradualy worsened.
> Recently the group of seven survivors of this incedent have sat down and
> talked about these problems and to the best we can asertain we are all
> suffering from the same problem.
> Is there anyony out there who could point me in at least the right
> as to where we might find some answers.
> For the record so far out of seven of us seeing different medical personel
> and having test done no one cane ofer any suggestions other than to the
> effect that it woul appear to be a neurological problem but gee sory guys
> can't help!
>  Thank you  michaelyoung at pbq.com.au
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