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"Brian" <zhil at online.no> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
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> Hello Marielle,
> I'll respond point by point what _I_ know.
> "Marielle Fois" <im99_foa at nada.kth.se> skrev i melding
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> > I have just posted a message about this topic, saying I was answering
> > to the document against Einstein's credibility. I decide to send my
> > answer in this posting, which I wrote before knowing the document had
> > been written by an antisemite person.
> I copied it from a webpage after a google-search.
> After I read through it, it seemed reasonable that a 'moronic' person
> who passed a technical exam WITH DIFFICULTY (after several tries)
> and worked at the patent-office in Bern was a fraud.

We don't have to go any further. Here u show that you do not really know
that much of physics or math.
An technical exam, and actually most of the exams one ever has to do, do not
show in the least wether a person is able to come up with new ideas in a
field. In most tests you have to be able to use some given formulas and use
them fast. That is what it is about most of the time.
But coming up with new ideas is s.th. really different (you should know
that). It requires the ability an will to read, learn, communicate (noone
can bring up a complex theory in physics on his own) and think a lot (seldom
one just looked at s.th. and knew what to do - especially in such complex
fields). And that was s.th. Einstein was really good at. I don't think a
really good idea is bad, because it took him so long to come up with it, do
As a child in school he didn't care much for the things he learned there,
but he was very interestend in mathematics - but not with the math he
learned at school - but other (also IMO) areas that attracted his attention
more. Does this lack of interest in boring school subjects say anything
about his abilities?

And if you would take some time and study his works - and his history - you
would see, why his theories are so widely accepted.


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