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Wed Jul 4 09:03:40 EST 2001

Brian wrote:
> > I didn't do anything NEW. I meerely processed the formulas that have
> > been droped into my brain from a magazine.
> If you used the equations in a new way, you've indeed done something
> new................

Then my parents must have been responsible for it. ;]

> > I am only saying that there is more to it and finaly, you will be
> > counting braincells as for providing a value for IQ.
> Not likely to the last statement, at least not yet.
> Killer-whales have bigger brains, but how intelligent are they ?
> More than humans ?

Hey, there is no way you could test it anyway.

...And guesswork isn't exactly scientific.

> > > A computer is just a tool, a glorified pencil, nothing more.
> > > Without YOU behind the keyboard, it's just so much junk.
> > > And you should know this !!
> > > Did you understood what I said ?
> >
> > Indeed I have. And indeed you should know of Artificial Inteligence. The
> > inteligent pencil does quite a lot on it's own. And I could tell noting
> > about it if I wasn't devoloping it.
> Any AI would not reach the level of consciousness as we have.

Oh, but of course. The holy consciousness. I should have expected this. 

Do you have any more of such pseudo-facts??

> They're tools, machines and even if they were left to their own devices,
> what would they do ?

Exactly what humans do: Practicaly nothing.

> Ohhh, and I think there will be built in fail-safety into their software to
> ensure their cooperation (the three laws of robotics - Isaac Asimov).

I am a programer, not a philosopher and the way I see it, machines will
eventualy get to do all the things that humans can do, that's when you
will see there is nothing left and that even the almighty human mind is
just another machine. A neural network to be precise.

> > I'll put it like this: A server hasn't got anybody behind a keyboard and
> > it is working. The same goes for just about any microcontroler (these
> > devices are quite fond of not seeing a human being within their
> > lifetime; an ABS is quite a nice example).
> A server is nothing but junk in selfrunning mode.

Indeed very usefull junk. What do you say about microcontrolers?

> The difference is that Einstein stole the formulaes and gave the real author
> absolutely no credit.
> Wasn't it somebody who said they could get the nobelprize (him and Hilbert),
> but that it was not released before they could ensure Einstein the entire
> 'authorship' after 1915 ?

...Reminds me what Feyman said. Getting a Nobel prize is the worst thing
that can happen to you. In his book, he also explains why.

> > > Reduced to insults, tsk tsk......
> > > Humans knew that long before Einstein.
> >
> > What? Of spilt milk?? ;]
> No, moving stars and physics described the 'Einsteinian way'........

Aye, how come then, is he credited for it??


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