A new group about sleep disorders

Minna Laajala minna.laajala at kolumbus.fi
Tue Jul 10 13:47:53 EST 2001

I have formed a new group for people who wishes to discuss about sleep
disorders from the scientific view. You can enter the group by sending a
blanc mail to following address. The archive is not open for public, to
members of course it is open. The attachments are allowed - at least at
first, but lets see what the group will begin to feel about them.

And why the new group? So many times I have noticed (== not only in ASP-L),
that these two different points of view are difficult to unite as a comfort,
or at least bareable discussion. Of course everyone has their right to think
how they wish. This list though tries to  give a change to consentrate on
scientific views. It is not pushing the spiritual explanations to the hole
in the wall, though.

What I hope to gain with this group is a change to discuss without the main
reason to anger and hurted feelings: it gives to one "camp" a chance to talk
without hurting anyones feelings.

Welcome all my friends (== also Joseph?) to discuss. Don´t leave ASP-L

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Loves Minna Laajala, the owner of the Scientific Sleep Disorders

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